Dr. Michael C. Hollen
Family Orthodontics


Benefits of Orthodontics

Scientific research has repeatedly shown the mouth and face to be focal points of communication and social interaction.  Self confidence has been related to interpersonal popularity, social behavior, self-expectation, personality style and self-image.  There can be little doubt that a healthy facial appearance and smile can improve the quality of life in many dimensions.  All factors of facial and dental esthetics as well as function are considered by Dr. Hollen in planning individual treatment strategies. 
Beautiful, Wide Smile
Many orthodontists can straighten teeth. Dr. Hollen specializes in providing the widest smile possible. If extractions of permanent teeth have been recommended to you by another orthodontist consider a second opinion at our office. Sometimes extractions are necessary, but many times extractions extend the treatment time and cause a narrowed arch and/or sunken facial profile.  Make sure you are getting the best results, in the shortest time and at the best rate.
Lifetime of Healthy Teeth
Straight teeth that are much easier to clean, greatly reducing future dental work. This allows for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Instead of planning for crowns and dentures, invest in a health bite and keep all your teeth healthy for life.
Solid Bite with Comfortable Chewing Function
Visually straight teeth maybe the primary reason you seek orthodontics but your bite is also important.  A solid bite is when all of your teeth hit each other in the correct position.  This prevents unhealthy and early wear on tooth services.  When your bite surface is left unaligned, high spots in your bite will be ground off prematurely.  This exposes your teeth to cracking, fracturing and tooth decay.  Keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime requires a healthy bite as well as consistent cleanings and care. Healthy chewing surfaces allow for a lifetime of being able to chew all foods completely and comfortably, critical for a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy, Pain-Free Jaw Joints
When the chewing surfaces are not correctly aligned with the trans-mandibular joint in place there can be many short term and long term complications.  Make sure your orthodontist has the training to assess and treat trans-mandibular joint function.

Short term complications include:
Jaw popping
Jaw locking
Jaw fatigue
Jaw pain

Long term complications include:
Arthritis of the jaw joint
Jaw joint deterioration
Chronic pain and discomfort
Chronic headaches
Chronic pain and discomfort can lead to poor dietary habits, poor sleep, irritability, fatigue, poor concentration and depression.
Elevated Self-Esteem
Strong self confidence greatly increases our ability to excel in our professional and personal lives. A healthy smile has been proven to boost self confidence and shown to increase chances of furthering education and training, additional career advancement, as well as, increasing happiness in interpersonal relationships.