Dr. Michael C. Hollen
Family Orthodontics


About The Doctor

Dr. Hollen graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School prior to completing an internship in general dentistry at great lakes Naval Hospital.  He served three years as a practicing general dentist and clinical director in the U.S. Navy.  He has completed a three year residency in orthodontics at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine.

Dr. Hollen participates actively in post graduate education, culminating in the completion of the exclusive Comprehensive Clinical Orthodontic series at the Foundation for Accelerated Continuing Education. He has published and he lectures frequently.

What You Can Expect From Our Practice?

Our Attitude - You can expect a professional team that will never take you for granted.  Our staff sparkles with enthusiasm and a caring attitude.  we never lose sight of the fact that you're the reason we're here.

Our Budget Arrangements - From Flexible monthly payments, to outside financing, and help with your insurance, you'll find our team eager to arrange a plan that's gently on your budget.  We do all that we can to see that finances don't stand between you and the necessary treatment.  And, our above-board policy assures you that there will be no "hidden-cost" or unpleasant surprises.

Your First Visit - You'll find our examination process to be thorough and complete.  Cosmetic and functional goals are tailored to the specific need of each patient.  All findings and recommendations will be explained to you in understandable terms, and all of your questions will be answered.

Our Approach to Treatment - We're up to date with the latest technology, the best materials and leading edge advancements int the specialty.  Our approach to treatment includes a close working relationship with your dentist to assure the best comprehensive care.  You'll be kept informed about treatment with face-to-face progress reports from Dr. Hollen.  Our objective is simple: optimum health, comfort, function and esthetics for the long term.

Scheduling Appointments - We're concerned about missing school or work, and schedule appointments so that each patient receives a fair share of convenient appointments.  This approach allows us to minimize the number of appointments which are necessary during school and work hours.  Your time and convenience are important to us. 

We're Available When You Need Us - While orthodontic emergencies are rare, we still maintain round-the-clock emergency coverage.  You'll get prompt attention to your needs and concerns even at night and on weekends.  Dr. Hollen's personal cell number can be reached at 319-236-1777.  He will either answer or return your call promptly. 

Orthodontic Laboratory - By having our Laboratory in-house, we can provide the highest level of quality control and the convenience of fast turnaround times.

Our Commitment to Continuing Education - Through continuous review of the scientific literature, post graduate courses, and study-group involvement, Dr. Hollen and the staff maintain a cutting edge approach to advances in orthodontics.  Orthodontics is not part of what we do, it's all that we do.

Follow-up Care - One full year of supervised retention is included in your fee.  And you can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Hollen will be here in the years to come should a need arise.

Our Commitment to You - Nearly half of our patients were referred by other enthusiastic patients and parents.  We intend to treat you so well, that you too will feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family.  As part of our practice, you'll be in good company.  We're proud of the number of area dentists, physicians, and their families who are among our patients.  Our patients and parents are the most important part of our practice.